Driving The Camaro SS Convertible

I picked up the SS from a Midtown car rental location. My destination was Philadelphia. When driving through traffic-heavy Manhattan, isolated with the windows and top up, it was hard to tell the difference between the SS and the V6. After passing through the Holland Tunnel, I went to the first rest stop in New Jersey, where I safely dropped the top.

The 2011 Camaro Convertible will be offered with a standard 312-

I then gunned the Camaro onto the highway and headed straight to the left lane, where I remained. For the first time in my life, I understood why people take fast cars to the track. The Camaro ate up pavement like no other car I have ever experienced. It literally needed more road. Cars in the distance were merely obstacles for the SS to pass. I got to Philly in record time.

The 2011 Camaro Convertible begins production in early-2011, ext

After meeting my friend out in Philly, I followed her to her apartment, and that’s when the Camaro truly came to life in an urban setting. It was late and there wasn’t much traffic. My friend is a fast driver and she knows the streets of Philly well. I do not. I wanted to keep up with her so I threw the car into manual mode and used the paddles. Every light she stopped at, or passed through, I needed to be right there with her. Downshifting in the Camaro let out the most joyous exhaust burble. It’s literally addictive. Slam on the gas in manual mode, flick the right paddle, and you are thrown back into the seat. The next day I took the long way back to New York by driving along the ocean. To get to the coast, it’s a straight shot east. I opened up the Camaro once again, this time using the heads up display on the windshield to show my MPH. Downshifting and going in for the pass was a thrill every time. Having over 400 horses in front of your feet, with the wind rushing into the cabin and music blaring, is a real feeling of freedom. I crave a lot more of it. A toast to summer driving in the Northeast.

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