The Most Important Drive Of My Life

I went to college in New York City. Occasionally I would travel home. This meant the opportunity to drive the family car, a 3rd generation Nissan Maxima. During one particular visit, I took the most important drive of my life. I got a call from the local hospital. My grandmother fell and was in an ambulance en route to the ER. I grabbed the key to the Maxima and ran out the door. I peeled out of the driveway and raced to see her. I took backroads and shortcuts, redlining every gear change and accelerating briskly on straightaways. I arrived at the hospital at the same time as the ambulance. While this surprised me, my focus was on my grandmother. I threw the car into a parking space and ran to the ambulance. My grandmother was being taken out on a stretcher. She was conscious and immediately grabbed my hand. She did not let go of me as she was wheeled into the hospital.

sticker 7

When the 3rd generation Maxima was released, Nissan branded it a “4-Door Sports Car.” I don’t think it was a sports car but I would definitely replace the S with “Solid.” It got me exactly where I needed to be.