Should Angelinos Consider The SOLO?


The Electra Meccanica SOLO, a three-wheeled, $16K, single-passenger EV, is making its Los Angeles debut this week. It’s said that 70% of Angelinos commute to work alone. While one does not need a big honking SUV to drive to and from work, should Angelinos consider the SOLO? Let’s take a look.


The average work commute distance in Los Angeles is 8.8 miles each way. The SOLO has a range of 100  miles. Even if you ran a 2 mile errand every weeknight, you would only need to charge once a week. Speaking of charging, the SOLO takes 3 hours on a 220 volt outlet, and 6 hours on a standard one.



As a one-seater, the SOLO looks like a stripped down car, so is it possible to be comfortable in it? Yes. It has the features you would expect in a standard car including Bluetooth stereo, rear camera, and A/C.



It is said that one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is lack of charging infrastructure. While this does not apply to homeowners who have available outlets, 54% of Angelinos rent and may not have access to outlets at home. So what’s the workaround? There are hundreds of free public chargers in Los Angeles. While it might be inconvenient to wait 3 hours for an EV to charge, think about this; the SOLO will save you $750 per year in fuel costs vs commuting in a compact SUV.


Additional Thoughts and Bottom Line

The SOLO is the first solo-EV to hit the market and will no doubt be a conversation piece everywhere you go. Regarding apartment dwellers, automotive manufacturers recognize the lack of public charging infrastructure and are investing in more public chargers as we speak. The future is sustainable and minimal. With the SOLO, you can leave less of a footprint both literally and figuratively. So consider ditching that polluting SUV, and think about driving SOLO.

solo-grey front